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Until lesbians start actively working towards solidarity with bi women not contingent upon our good behavior and how perfect our developing theories/terminologies are, I’m going to need you to fuck right off with your condescending “analysis” of what bisexual women deal with.

I don’t aim to speak for lesbians because I know that we are not on the receiving end of the same shit. The context is entirely different. I will never know what it’s like to be a lesbian. So why the fuck do so many lesbian women assume that they have even a clue about how bi women are received by society? 

Straight men can and have treated me differently in comparison to lesbian women - and I’m not saying that it was better or worse, but it was definitely different. We all deal with so, so much bullshit - and I just wish people would actually give bi women at least a sliver of respect when we try to talk about our own experiences. 

 There’s a lot that’s in common and a lot to be shared, and differences to acknowledge, but not in a space that presumes lesbians as knowing all there is to know about bisexual oppression by virtue of our “gay side.” Nope. Shit is not that simple, at all.

There’s clearly no room for compassion towards bisexual women, even from other bisexuals, and the fact that there is this much vitriol whenever bisexuals are maybe not always on the mark is pretty disgusting and smells super exclusionary and misogynistic.


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i hope all the white bisexuals that are reblogging my “biphobia has everything to do with racism” post realize that i was addressing the biphobia i and other women of color face not biphobia in general 

Collie McNeil’s Speech - Dyke and Trans March 2014


"This idea that bisexual women are only identifying as bisexual as a ploy to receive attention from straight men is very much rooted in heteronormativity, in such that any woman who is known to experience attraction to men will be automatically stripped of her agency and presumed heterosexual, even when engaging in romantic or sexual activity with another woman, which is immediately invalidated or repackaged for male consumption.  Heteronormativity and misogyny being so pervasive in our society makes it almost impossible to be viewed as an Authentic Bisexual Woman regardless of thoughts, feelings, or behaviours."

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